Schwäbisch Gmünd... in the “Ostalbkreis“ and is a big district town with more than 60,000 inhabitants.
The “Ostalbkreis” has more than 310,000 inhabitants.


Schwäbisch Gmünd... located on the edge of the metropolitan region Stuttgart.
The capital city of Baden-Württemberg can be reached by train within 40 minutes.


...fascinates with numerous historical buildings and a charming city centre..

Hey Schwäbisch Gmünd!

Your new home: Schwäbisch Gmünd, the oldest Staufer town. Between sky and earth! Picturesquely situated at the food of the “Schwäbisch Alb“ and “der Dreikaiserberge“, Schwäbisch Gmünd is a place with atmosphere and southern quality of life. For nature lovers, Schwäbisch Gmünd offers a beautiful nature trail starting from the former state horticultural show on the hill through the Taubental until the inner city.

For dreamers, the “Himmelsgarten” can be found above the city. Furthermore, the marketplace and the “Münsterplatz” rank among the most beautiful places in the South of Germany. In light of the state horticultural show, the “Remsstrand” was built centrally located freely accessible. People can let the music speak to the soul, sip a refreshing drink and enjoy the gastronomy.

Living more  centrally  is almost impossible

Everything is nearby

Maison Gmünd is in the city centre of Schwäbisch Gmünd. The position convinces with its proximity to several shopping facilities and the mobile connectivity. In addition to pubs, bars, cafes and restaurant the city offers varied entertainment program for both students and professionals.


By bus...

The bus stop (bus number 266) can be found in the “Vorderen Schmiedgasse” in proximity.
– only 2 minutes by foot.

By train...

The regional train from Stuttgart reaches Schwäbisch Gmünd within 40 minutes. The intercity train reaches Schwäbisch Gmünd in 32 minutes.

By car...

The apartment complex can be reached via the road B29, the east-west connection between Stuttgart and Nördlingen. Most parts of the route are built like a highway.  

Between heaven and earth!

Universities of Schwäbisch Gmünd

Schwäbisch Gmünd offers with four universities ideal study conditions,
optimal career opportunities after graduation and renowned educational offers.

University for design in Schwäbisch Gmünd

This university focuses on the field of design and offers four bachelor’s courses and one master’s course for students.
The HfG relies on innovative discipline with scientific, social and technical references.

Pedagogical University of Schwäbisch Gmünd

The “PH Schwäbisch Gmünd” has the quality rating of a normal university and is one of the six pedagogical universities in Baden-Württemberg.
The courses offered include the subjects of education, health and interculturality.

Studierendenwerk Ulm

The student services collaborate with assigned public universities and some cooperative universities.
part from the support and counseling of students, it also involves the funding of students in the areas student living, campus catering, student finance and much more.